Family Snack Buddy


The Family Snack Buddy application is an Android application built to engage families in eating healthier snacks. The application was designed and developed from scratch using a user-centered, iterative design process (more on the process can be found here).

System architecture

application-architectureThe server-side SOAP web service runs on a MAMP stack (Mac-Apache-MySQL-PHP) and synced data between our server and the application running on users phones. Specifically, it allows users to have the most updated version of the snack database on their phones and allows us to store information about the interactions users have with the application, including the snacks they enter.


The Family Snack Buddy application has two separate interfaces designed to support the needs of different family members – the informational interface, designed for parents, and the gaming interface, designed for the children in the families. Users can choose either interface and both versions allow users to:

  • Log their snacks by selecting them from a list of common snacks organized by categories, typing the name of the snack, or speaking the name of the snack using voice recognition
  • Receive feedback on the healthiness of each snack they enter
  • Receive healthier snack suggestions that are small, approachable steps towards healthier snacking
  • View their previous snacking history and the overall healthiness of the snacks they are eating
  • Review the healthier snack suggestions that they have received since they started using the application
  • Send messages to other family members through the application
  • View the healthiness of the snacks eaten by their family members

In addition to these features, the gaming interface features an interactive game where users would help a digital avatar progress through various stages of their life, such as completing high school, college, and getting their first job.


Below is a selection of screenshots of the various screens from both the informational and gaming interfaces. More screenshots of different interfaces can be found in a larger gallery.